this is how u get a sig on ur profile!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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this is how u get a sig on ur profile!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by Anbu Naruto Uzumaki on Fri Jul 11, 2008 1:17 pm

ok if u want a sig like mine were u got the pic and the words follow these instructions....

ok go to and search the pics u would like to use wen u find each1 u want to use click on it and then right click on it and click save.
wen u save em all go to and sign up wen u do that go to layout tab click on it then look to the right and u will c 3 white dots click on the 1 that says i want to upload my own image.... look to the left and u will c the word browse click on that and ur pics uve saved will pop up.... double click on the pic u want to use and look at the bottom and hit update banner after that u look at the text n faunts tab and click on it...
after that u type wat words u want on the pic (u can move the words on the pic to) after uve finished typen all the stuff u want on it u click on update banner..
if u want to do more to it u will have to figure out how to work that urself.... once ur done hit save banner it will ask to name it name it watever u want to....
then hit save. once uve hit save go to ur banners at the top right corner and click on ur pic once uve done that hit banner codes on the bottom right corner and look at the codes and on the right colum 2nd one down click on that and click on codes for forums and save it (it should automaticly save it once u click on it)ok go to the forum u want to put it on then click on ur profile and then click on ur sig look at the botom and u paste wat u copyed for the codes then u preivew it then if u like wat uve done save it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(pics means pictures)

xx sighs xx wow!!!!!!!!! that was a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thx for reading i guess if u read it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: this is how u get a sig on ur profile!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by Anbu Sasuke Uchiha on Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:05 pm

Thanx Naruto!

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